We are deeply focused and devoted to Python stack. We provide strong expertise in Python to power fast-moving tech companies for long-term collaboration. We deliver exemplary solutions for your business
Tech Stack
We have strong expertise of it and ready to create your own service from scratch. Will it be an ETL script or a large distributed web application - it's up to you, our developers ready to create high-qualified and reliable services.
Web frameworks
Our primary focus is backend development using moder web frameworks such as Django, Flask, FastAPI. We like both conveniences of ORM and flexibility of raw SQL and use it all every day.
Message brokers
A small RabbitMQ queue or a large Kafka cluster - we use them all developing distributed miscroservices and event-driven systems.
We creating ready-to-use web applications providing both backend and frontend expertise. We like React and use modern JS standarts.

We like durability of relational databases and features of non-relational databases, combining them to provide the best possible storage system for you. Our highlits are PostgreSQL, Redis, ElasticSearch.

Cloud services
We like cloud solutions and use them to provide rapid delivery and scalability when creating applications for our customers.
About Pynest
«Pynest» — fast growing IT outsourcing company. We focus on constant development in the field of IT consulting, especially in backend Python development and Data Science. We have strong expertise in Fintech, FA&P, AI, Blockchain and other fields.
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We hire
Middle Python Developer

Main responsibilities:

  • Strong Python development skills;
  • Knowledge of Django/Flask framework;
  • Database experience including MySQL and/or PostgreSQL (queries, design);
  • Strong understanding of software programming best practices, data structures, algorithms, databases, and networks;
  • English (intermediate, upper-intermediate or higher).

Nice to have:

  • Experience in designing and developing REST APIs;
  • Understanding of NoSQL databases;
  • Experience with distributed source control systems (Git);
  • Familiarity with message brokers such as Kafka, RabbitMQ;
  • Experience with AWS, EC2, S3, and other related cloud technologies;
  • Practical experience in Agile development methodologies;
  • Bachelor`s degree or relevant experience in computer science;
  • Great communication skills.
HR Manager

Main Responsibilities:

  • Manage and drive a full-cycle recruitment process including sourcing, screening, interview, feedback, and offers for all levels of candidates from entry to senior level,
  • Accurately track candidate data and use systems correctly to be able to report to the business
  • Develop and implement high quality, innovative and cost effective sourcing strategies
  • Help in the development and implementation of motivation programs as a basis for higher team productivity and employee loyalty
  • Participation in the development and implementation of programs that foster sound employee relations and engagement
  • Partnering with internal resources to execute corporate-wide HR initiatives
  • Maintenance of performance management and improvement systems
  • Help in the development of policies and documentation
  • English B1+
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